Why does the Empower Process Work?

Bridging the gap between two great tools!

Empower Process

History and Creation – Right Data, Right People, Right Decisions

“I was a user for two years and an Architect with the #1 Partner in the World for six years and I got tired of not feeling empowered. I felt like I was forcing my client to work extremely hard to make my system work. Instead, I wanted to feel like the system was working extremely hard for my client. ”

“We got tired of saying the “system doesn’t do that” and continuing to face the same gaps at every client. We needed the “Right Data” to be successful.


  • Cost of Goods Sold by Customer and Order
  • Operating and G&A Expense by Vendor
  • Procurement Cost across Legal Entities
  • Global Pricing across different sites and locations
  • Intercompany Order Positions
  • AR and AP Aging Across Company.
Empower Flow and OverviewFlow Chart of Development and Data

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Empower Process Overview

Mission – Right Data, Right People, Right Decisions

Right Data

  • Reporting Platform which provides “one version of the truth” and provides your end users the “Right Data” they have always wanted.
  • Allows you to control your own reporting destiny saving significant development dollars and time during any phase of your implementation.
  • Provides end users with functionality and insights they need that don’t exist out of the box in D365.
    • Cross Company Reporting
    • Cross Functional Module Reporting

Right People

  • Gives strong functional users a report creation tool without developers and development dollars. Own your reporting needs but still have a great support team to reach out too for help.
  • Empower Support Relationship (Not Just Reporting)
    • Best team of consultants supporting D365FO without our Power BI Toolset, but with this toolset we are faster when implementing, possess a silver bullet when optimizing and have a platform to solution problems in D365.
    • Support all aspects of D365FO and not just reporting. The reporting tools allow us to do it faster and better then our competition.
  • Reduce Licensing Cost
    • The right power bi dashboards can allow you to take read only users out of the ERP and reduce license cost.
  • Second Opinion to your Partner – Why wouldn’t you get a second opinion?

Right Decisions/Empower Process

  • Save Money and Time reducing development and customer reports.
  • Control your own destiny with the right data that doesn’t exist out of the box.
  • Partner with the Empower team to not just implement a reporting solution but also work with a group that can support and optimize your entire ERP.
  • Have a trusted and valuable second opinion to your Partner.
  • Potentially reduce licensing cost with the right Power Bi Dashboard deployments.

Empower Services

  • Implementation
  • Solution Architect and Design
  • Training
  • Post Go Live Support
  • Optimization
  • Break Fix Support
  • Operation and Financial Reporting