Chad Carnes – Creator and Solution Architect

We are D365 Functional and Technical Consultants. We are top tier and top 5% in the industry team of consultants that are certified and have decades of D365 and AX experience. We are great resources without our custom reporting solution but with our toolset we are better equipped than any other team to create solutions, optimize your ERP or support your team during an implementation or post go live.

“I was a helpless user who tried every reporting tool and all I did was chase data. I was a frustrated implementer because we delivered without realizing ROI and the insights that were requested. I wanted to give functional users a tool to make implementing and doing their jobs easier. In my heart I am still a user trying to reconcile inventory. We are the best D365FO consultants who just happened to create an amazing tool to make our jobs of implementing, supporting, and optimizing easier.”

“Power BI isn’t just a reporting tool for C-Level Executives. We need to stop treating it separate and should be using it in all phases of an implementation. From the first day of Education to the last phase of optimization or into go live support. When you have the right data Power BI is a functional tool that should be leveraged right next too D365 to implement, gain adoption and optimize faster and better.”

Chad has implemented Ax/D365FO across 4 continents and has dozens of successful go lives and implementation to his credit in multiple verticals. Chad is techno-functional solution architect with a Finance and Accounting background but is also an expert in Project Accounting, Inventory and Inventory/Production Costing. Chad is also proficient and excels outside of D365FO and has developed multiple Power Apps, Flows and Power BI Reports as part of the “Empower Process” solution.