What is our Mission? – Right Data, Right People, Right Decisions

Our mission is to be your go to expert for implementing, optimizing and supporting Dynamics 365 for Operations. Our unique “Empower Process” combines our custom reporting tools and our business process expertise to maximize your return on investment. The “Empower Process” strives to connect the Right Data with the Right People so that they can make the Right Decisions.

What is the “Empower ProcessTM“?

Empower ProcessTM

Being successful at almost any task is about first having the right tools. The “Empower Process” provides a custom toolset which increases success at any phase of your ERP journey. This is the core toolset in our partnership and drives our entire approach to ERP.

The “Empower Process” combines our Dynamics 365 consulting expertise and our custom reporting solution which surfaces the right data in Power BI. This unique approach allows us to implement faster, optimize better and provide our clients with the best toolset to maximize their return on investment. Whether you are just starting the implementation journey or have been live in D365FO for years the “Empower Process” can provide you with the competitive advantage you have been looking for.

The “Empower Process” first and foremost surfaces and connects the right data. It also creates a strategy of empowering the right people with that data. It gives both our consultants and your users a toolset that doesn’t exist out of the box. This toolset allows you to speed up adoption during implementation, it provides an extended framework for reporting and is the silver bullet for creating dynamic solutions to complex problems, without a major spend in time and development hours.

We combine the right data and the right people to take back your ERP! We want you to start making the right decision and feeling empowered by your system.


What types of services does the “Empower Process” support?

  • Implementation Services
  • Advisory Services
  • Post Go Live Support
  • Post Go Live Optimization and Quality Check
  • Training and Education
  • Power BI Reporting
  • Advisory Services – Second opinion to your partner

I want to know more about the “Empower Process” but I already have a Microsoft Partner?

We do not operate as Microsoft Partner and provide services and top quality reporting and support to clients across multiple industries and verticals as it relates to D365 and AX. We provide a great service, which is a second opinion to your partner. As patients we do this with diagnosis and doctors all the time, why would you not do this with your million dollar system? We pride our self on our ability to support and implement better. We believe this because we are specific on finding cultural fits to take on as clients, we have high quality resources with more experience working support then most partners, and most importantly our reporting toolset/right data gives us better and more efficient tools to work with.

Additionally, we have great relationship with multiple Gold Partners across the D365FO space. They contract with us on implementing, training and optimizing. We are respected in the community for our delivery and skillset. We successfully work with multiple partners to deliver to customers.