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What is EmpowerAX?

Each day there is only one goal and that is to Empower Microsoft Dynamics users. We find that most users in the midst of an implementation or post go live feel lost, frustrated and anything but Empowered. We have created a revolutionary approach to taking back your ERP and achieving the Return on Investment you were promised day one. We first implement the EAX Reporting models and with new found visibility we begin the EAX Optimization Journey.

What is EmpowerAX Reporting?

We take a much different approach and believe that the process begins and ends with reporting. We have created a ‘plug and play’ data set you install and process in your environment that contains what we call the “Right Data”. We enlist a core team of users and using Power BI we surface this data and we begin to optimize and take back your ERP on day one. Visualizing the right data is so much bigger then creating a few custom reports or a handful of dashboards. Its real purpose is organizational optimization because until you have “one version of the truth” you can’t begin even ask the right questions.

What is EmpowerAX Reporting
What is EmpowerAX Optimization

What is EmpowerAX Optimization?

EmpowerAX is not a reporting tool but instead a collaboration of optimization. We are first and foremost certified functional Dynamics AX experts. This tool was created by functional consultants for functional users. We take a completely different approach to the process of reporting and optimization. Instead of spending the first 3 weeks with technical BI consultants documenting requirements on a blank white board we start looking at your data on day one. We let your data drive the conversation, requirements and training. Instead we focus on extending our accelerated data pack and empowering your core team to explore one version of the truth.

How is EmpowerAX different than other reporting tools like Atlas, Tableau, Halo ect.?

  • We are not a reporting tool. All of these products give you ways to “hunt for data” or “extract data” from Dynamics AX. You then spend months building the wrong reports as you try to hunt down the “Right Data”. We don’t want to be just an extractor of data but instead want to be a partner in optimization.
  • We are functional AX experts. We did the hard work and already created the “Right Data”. We use Microsoft’s free reporting tool Power BI to surface this data in prebuilt turn-key models. This is what allows us to look at real data on day one. Our reporting and optimization consultants understand the core concepts of AX and how they affect reporting.
    • Examples: Financial Dimensions, Inventory Locations, Physical vs. Financial costs in inventory, Cost Sheets, Intercompany Vendor to Customer connections, Posting Profiles, Production Order Statuses and Variances ect.
  • Customers actually use Atlas and Halo to extract and present the EmpowerAX data. Some clients already had these tools and were tired of extracting and presenting the wrong data. They installed our Custom views and replicated our reporting models in the tools they were already committed too. Having the “Right Data” is so much more valuable than having the right tool. The “Right Data” works in almost any tool.