EmpowerAX Reporting

  • Deliver on the ERP you were promised.
  • Turn-key accelerator providing “one version of the truth” across multiple companies and functional modules.
  • EmpowerAX is not a data extraction tool it is the catalyst for a partnership in optimization.
  • Rapid deployment of dashboards and mobile reporting. Start looking at “real data” on day one.

Gross Margin By Customer


How much money are we making from an individual Customer or Group of Customers? Does the margin warrant the energy and time we are expending? How could we be better allocating our resources?

This is where the debate starts.

  • Product / Engineering Team tells you that they make a product for $15 and sell it to a specific Customer for $20.
  • Accounting is drilling down on Gross Margin (Revenue – COGS) in the Income Statement at the end of the month and informs us that we only have a 3% margin on this Customer.
  • Sales team informs us that the Customer is vital and makes up 17% of revenue.

EmpowerAX gives a Company the ability to merge Customer Profitability and the Gross Margin of thier Income Statement. Below you can see your Revenue, Cost of Goods Sold (which ties out to the financials) and Gross Margin by Company, Customer Group, Customer and Year. EmpowerAX has created the “Right Data” and provides one version of the truth across all Companies, Business Units and Departments.

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