When using AX do you feel the opposite of Empowered? Are you look for a reliable source of support in a specific area of Dynamics? Are you looking for a second opinion or trying to keep your current partner honest?

Tier One: Train Me

We do a wide range of generic trainings for a wide range of topics. Maybe you are in the second half of an implementation and you just want to bring in another voice for user training? Maybe you went live a few months ago and just need a refresher on the building blocks?

We throw the manual out the window and provide trainings that are engaging, informative and most importantly applicable to the “real world” participants.

Standard Trainings

  • Inventory Costing in AX
  • Month End Close Process
  • Financial Reporting and Management Reporter
  • The Security Nightmare – Security in Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Reconcile Me – Ledgers and Sub Ledgers in Dynamics AX
  • New Company Setup
  • Production Orders and Variances
  • Vouchers in AX – Connection between Accounting and the Real World

Note – Upon request we can customize generic trainings specific to your needs.

Tier Two: Advise Me

Is your Inventory ledger and sub ledger out of balance? Are you seeing weird variances on your Production Orders? Are you looking to implement the Project Module? Are you just looking for a second opinion?

We provide high quality advisory services with area specific experts to meet your needs. We have standardize some training and inspection processes for client advisory needs.

Standard Advisory Options

  • Financial Dimensions and Reporting
  • 24 point ledger inspection check
  • Groups in AX
  • Pricing
  • Cost sheet setup
  • Property accounting
  • Phase II implementations

Tier Three: Do It For Me

Are you short on resources? Is there a modification or interface you want to build? Is there a report you need created?

  • Year End Processing
  • Create a New Report in Power BI
  • Development
    • Create a new interface
    • Modify an existing form
    • Add additional fields to a grid